How to Clean a MacBook and Remove Unwanted Apps and Software

Do you delete all the apps and software that you may have installed in the past but are no longer using on your MacBook? Most people tend to not do so – which means that over time it’s bound to start to pile up and affect your MacBook’s performance.

On the other hand even if you do generally install most of the apps and software that you no longer need – the default uninstaller often leaves behind ‘leftovers’. As such, your MacBook may end up full off useless ‘leftover’ files that are just sitting there and taking up space.

The easiest way to clean your MacBook and remove unwanted apps and software is with the Movavi Mac Cleaner. It is designed to be straightforward, which is why as soon as you launch the software it will scan your MacBook and locate any and all junk on your hard drive. Once the scan is complete, you can opt to remove all the junk that it found with a single click – or you could specifically delete certain types of junk if you wish.

As far as unwanted apps and software are concerned, there is a special ‘Uninstaller’ included in the software that will help you to deal with them. By uninstalling any apps or software that you don’t use with this feature, you will be able to remove it completely – without the risk of any leftovers remaining.

More importantly, the ‘Uninstaller’ can also track down leftovers from apps or software you may have attempted to previously uninstall, and it will allow you to remove native OS X apps that you may not be able to remove otherwise. In that way you could delete imessage and other MacBook apps that you don’t use.

It won’t take you long to clean your MacBook and remove unwanted apps and software using the Movavi Mac Cleaner. When you’re done, you’ll definitely notice a marked improvement in its performance, and so long as you keep cleaning it regularly you’ll be able to sustain that well into the future.