How to Overcome Stress Before Going on a Date

Life is full of stress and unpredictable situations, and such an event as the first date is more than a serious reason for being nervous. However, excessive nervousness can ruin the whole thing. So how to overcome your fear? Here are some simple tips that will help you find emotional balance.

Tip 1 — Reduce Virtual Communication

First of all, you need to communicate more with people in everyday life. Of course, gadgets and social networks are a good invention, but they are most often today the reasons why people cannot get along with others in real life. Spending a lot of time on social networks, people forget what normal communication is. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce virtual communication (if possible) or move it to an offline setting. 

Tip 2 — Visualize the First Date

There are many jokes and memes about women on the first date imagining how they will marry, give birth to children, and live happily with a man whom she first sees. However, according to psychologists, it is not a bad practice. And if you imagine all kinds of options for the first date, you can completely get rid of the stress and excitement.

Before going on the first date, it’s worth visualizing it in your head and playing out possible scenarios. You need to prepare in advance, choose clothes, think about topics for dialogue that you can raise with your partner. If a person has a clear scenario in his head and knows how to act in different situations, then he will never feel stressed or nervous.

Tip 3 — Find the Reason of Your Stress and Uncertainty

7 tips for dealing with uncertainty, from NPR Life Kit.

The most effective approach to combating stress is to remove a factor triggering the feeling. Most often it can be a bad experience, social phobia, or childhood trauma. If the stress and nervousness do not go away, then you should contact a psychologist, who will help you understand yourself better.

In other words, you need to understand where the self-doubt comes from, what causes the stress, and the triggers making you feel this way. So to speak, consider the main cause that leads to such behavior. Understanding yourself and your behavior patterns better, you will be able to control yourself, your emotional state, and find an emotional balance.

Final Say From Dating Gurus

Of course, going on a first date with a person you like it always a stressful affair. You want to make a good showing. However, it is always possible to control your emotional state or reduce the stress levels if you look well, know how to behave in particular situations. This all comes with practice. So do not be afraid and move your communication from an online setting. Thus, you will gain valuable experience and will feel more certain when going on a first date.